June’s Featured Brewery: Starr Hill Brewery

  • Posted by: Tomato Head, Gallery Manager • June 3rd, 2015

It’s a new month, and time for a new featured brewery. This June, both of our locations are featuring the Star Hill Brewery from Charlottesville, Virginia. Star Hill is growing quickly with their award-winning beers and a revamped, new logo. We will start the month with four selections on draft: Northern Lights, Grateful Pale, the Love, and the Reviver.

The Northern Lights is an IPA with a floral aroma. It is made with two row, caramel, Munich, and wheat malted barley. Star Hill uses ale yeast, along with Cascade, Willamette, and Columbus kettle hops. The result is an amber appearance that sits at 6.5% ABV, bitter flavor, and a citrus-floral finish.

The Grateful Pale derives its name from, as one might assume, the Grateful Dead. It is an APA made with two row, wheat, and caramel malted barley. This beer also uses ale yeast, but the kettle hops are Chinook, Centennial, Topaz, and Cascade. The Grateful Pale Ale rings up at 4.7% ABV with a light gold color and citrus aroma. This beer is not as bitter as the Northern Lights, but has a sharp taste, as pale ales do.

The Love is an unfiltered hefeweizen, which is a type of wheat beer. Star Hill uses two row wheat, and Munich malted barley. The yeast is Bavarian wheat beer yeast, and the kettle hops are Hallertau. With a golden color, sweet taste, and spicy finish, the Love is easy to drink. It has an ABV at 4.6%. This one is sure to be a favorite.

The Reviver is a Red IPA, and Star Hill’s spring seasonal. This is an interesting blend between a Red Ale and an IPA. It is made with Pilsner, wheat, crystal, and chocolate malted barley, and uses ale yeast. The kettle hops are Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe, and Columbus. The Reviver is also made with Mosaic, Citra, and Amarillo dry hops.

As you know, June is a special month because it begins during spring and ends in the summer. In the same spirit, we will be swapping out the Reviver for Star Hill’s summer seasonal, Soul Shine.

Soul Shine, named after the Government Mule song, is an American take on a Belgian-style Pale Ale. It is made with Pilsner, wheat, and caramel malted barley and ale yeast. The kettle hops are Falconer’s flight, Simcoe, Cascade, and Willamette. The Soul Shine is also finished with dry hops, which consist of Falconer’s Flight, Simcoe, Cascade, and Columbus. The result is a golden colored, crisp beer with tropical fruit aromas and a spicy finish. The ABV is 5.2%.

Join us for pint night this month (June 26) to be among the first ever to try a new release by Star Hill. You’ll also get to keep a Star Hill pint glass. We are looking forward to these new beers from a growing regional craft brewery. Come join us on our patio to try the new pints and enjoy the warm weather.

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