We believe less processed food tastes better.

Not only does it taste better, it’s much healthier too. Our prep staff arrives early every morning to continue the daily tradition of preparing our house made menu items such as soups, salsas and salad dressings.

Your salad begins its life not when you order one but much earlier that morning. Romaine lettuce is hand sorted and rinsed, then dried in our big, fancy lettuce drier.

All produce is hand inspected and rinsed as well as chopped or sliced in house. We even pickle our own banana peppers and jalapenos.

Our sister bakery, Flour Head Bakery, prepares all of the Tomato Head’s desserts and breads each morning. By using unbleached and unbromated King Arthur Flour, we create healthier and better tasting pizza dough and sandwich breads.

Almost all of our proteins are nitrate/nitrite free, all natural and antibiotic free. Our house made lamb sausage is cooked in small batches to ensure freshness.

We can easily accommodate your dietary needs. Whether it’s a nut allergy, a preference for vegan fare or a gluten sensitivity, our staff will craft a dish to suit your tastes.

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