We believe that many small, sensible acts can bring about positive change.

Since 1990 we’ve recycled all of our cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum and steel cans, plastic and glass containers. . We keep multiple recycling and compost stations throughout employee areas to further encourage this practice. With no commercial pickup for recycling in downtown Knoxville, we keep a truck on hand to make twice weekly trips to the recycling center on State Street.

Over twenty-three years, it’s estimated that we’ve recycled approximately 68,000 pounds of mixed paper; 52,000 pounds of steel cans; 10,000 pounds of aluminum cans; 25,000 pounds of plastic bottles; 534,000 pounds of glass bottles; and over 1 million pounds of cardboard.

We keep our air conditioning at moderate levels to conserve energy and use energy saving compact fluorescent lights where possible to save even more.  We purchase blocks of green power from Knoxville Utilities Board to offset some of our traditional power consumption.  We turn our lights off at night.

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